Poker School: ABC Strategy

ABC (ABC) Game is a term to describe a simple strategy of playing poker that focuses on a solid tape game. Not so long ago this strategy could bring stable success even on high limits. With the development of her game, however, more aggressive approaches were supplanted. ABC, however, is still relevant for beginners.

Actually beginners who are just starting to master the strategic component of poker, it is recommended to play exclusively in a simple ABC poker. Although this basic strategy is used not only beginners but also experienced players, if they do not have the necessary information about their rivals at the table.

So the standard lines of ABC Poker Strategy:

  • Tailot chart of starting hands for early/medium positions;
  • Only 3-beth with hands QQ+ and AK on the preflope;
  • Always put the counter if you were an aggressor on the preflope, but not to bluff in multipots;
  • Not to bluff on Torne and River, but to put only on a veil;
  • Always put half a bank or more on postflop.

These basic concepts are the fundamental and basic starting points of your poker career. The main idea is to make your range only of strong hands so that you can put more often on a veil and bluff as possible.

ABC strategy is a good idea against unknown opponents. It works if you do not have the required notes on your opponents, but as soon as you gather information about one or all players at the table, you should deviate from ABC and start using a more efficient strategy to maximize profit in each distribution.