Tournaments or cache game: what to choose a beginner in the poker

Cache or tournaments? Most players who first open a poker client ask themselves, and some professionals cannot find the answer throughout the career. Let’s try to distinguish the main differences between the two main disciplines in the poker and to evaluate the benefits of each of them for novice pokerists.

Cash game

Cash is one of the species of poker playing with an arbitrary starting stack without any time frame. True in cache game there are many nuances for beginners who will not hurt to understand.

Benefits for beginners:

Discretion. According to the rules of this poker discipline, the player is not limited in time he spends in the game. Can sit at the table at any convenient moment, and therefore leave it. Professionals have the opportunity to make a flexible schedule of working day and lovers – to play on a lunch break.

Choosing a table. Traditional cache game offers poker to choose a place where sitting. Don’t like the opponent’s icon, whether it interferes with playing? Just open any other table. If you do not want to waste time-try a popular bousting copper format where the tables are changing automatically after you dropped the cards!

Stable stack. Unlike tournaments where the size of stack can melt with increasing levels, you can always buy chips in the cache. And then stay in the game to realize their advantage over a weak opponent.

Low luck factor. As you know, poker is a game of skill, and the cache is best suited to this definition. Having received the necessary skills, the player can minimize losses and have a stable income.

Cash game. Photo: GameoFPPOKINLINE

Difficult for a newcomer:

Difficulties in assimilation. This discipline is the most difficult for a beginner because it takes a long time for its assimilation. A player who just starts playing cache must make great effort to rise to high limits.

High competition. Cash game appeal has contributed to the birth of an entire generation of online professionalis that have deep knowledge and enormous experience. It will take more than one hundred hours of hard practical and theoretical work to compare with them.

Professional skills. In the world of modern poker in Cash-Gray, it is impossible to make big money without mathematical mental composition, endurance, diligence, meticulousness and incredible devotion to your favorite business.


Tournament game, or MTT (Multi-Table-Tournaments) is a popular species of poker in which a huge number of participants compete for a certain prize fund. The purpose of the tournament player is to reach the final table and collect all chips. The main difference between MTT from cache game is its sports component and incredible dynamism that attracts thousands of ambitious beginners.

But the tournament poker, like any other game, has a huge number of unique features that will be discussed on.

Multi -walled tournaments. Photo: WSOP

Benefits for beginners:

Large winnings. In the tournament king at stake there are often considerable prizes. Often victory gives an opportunity in several hundred or even thousand times to multiply the amount of entrance fee.

Simplicity. MTT differ from cache disciplines in that they do not need special skills for a plus game. For example, for a successful start in cheap tournaments, there are enough basic knowledge that will not hurt to season with observation and discipline.

Many weak players. Tournament poker attracts thousands of newcomers who do not have the necessary skills. It is difficult to meet a strong opponent in micro-mTMs, making them a good choice to start a career.

Popularity. Almost all world -class tournament players are media personalities and have a huge army of supporters. Millions of spectators are observed at the final tables of the largest events, while the cache players are often known only.

Difficult for a newcomer:

Personal time shortage. Tournament players are forced to sit in a chair a huge amount of time. A separate event can be delayed for several hours or even days, and breaks in the process of play – a rare and short phenomenon. Starting a poker session, almost impossible to predict the time of its end, so professionals actually become hostages of their favorite discipline.

Psychological aspect. The specificity of MTT implies long periods of failure, which is a significant challenge for the psychological stability of the beginner. Not every newcomer is able to withstand tension and return to the victorious trail.

A variety of skills. Tournament professionals should learn a large number of specific skills that are virtually absent in cache game. This is a strategy of short stacks – playing on a Babbib (before the calling zone of the tournament), and awareness of ICM factor (prize games) and a bunch of small things that allow you to overlay strong opponents. However, even a strong theoretical base will not guarantee victory because of the high variance component of tournaments.

Multi -walled tournaments. Photo: WSOP

What discipline to choose?

There is no clear answer to this question. If you are hardworking, ambitious and ready to put time in training – cache will be the best solution. If you are attracted to the competitive aspect and the opportunity to be noted at the TV table of the world series of poker (WSOP) – take a place at one of the tournament tables. In addition, you should not forget that some professionals are universal players, demonstrating excellent results in both disciplines!

Only by trying your own strength in different game formats, you can make a well -balanced decision. So be patient and take the first step into the fascinating poker world!