The world’s record holder stopped on the threshold of another record

Dealer’s Choice tournaments satisfy every taste of Las Vegas guests, because it combines as many as 20 varieties of play.

Optional discipline, however, "She fell into his pocket" Only 93 players. Nothing surprise, bay-in to the tournament was equated with Main Event for $ 10,000. Therefore, it is not surprising that there were many world stars among the participants of the tournament that can afford such investments.

What is just a list of participants in the final table where Phil Helmut and Daniel Negrean, and Mike Matusov made their way. In this company, experts gave Helmut most likely, Poker Brat scored an incredible pace on this year’s WSOP and recently won his 16th title of poker world series.

Adam Friedman celebrates victory / PhokerNews photo

Helmut was convincingly heading to the 17th trophy but stumbling on the last barrier. Adam Friedman not just so called one of the kings of this kind of game. Thanks to a successful performance on this year’s WSOP, the American won the third bracelet in Dealer’s Choice tournament, and in general 4th in his career.

Friedman received $ 248.3 thousand prize, Helmut – 153.5k. Despite the local failure, Phil rightly claims the title of the best player of this year’s WSOP. In 3 weeks of the Helmut festival visited 5 final tables, and one of the tournaments ended with a triumph for him.