The World Championships in Peru have been postponed through elections

Local authorities of Peru asked the International Federation of Match Poker to move the tournament for a later period due to the unstable situation in the country. Thing is that in January, Peru is assigned elections, and the situation there is strain there.

In the Federation with understanding of the situation. Participants’ security is above all. The organizers decided to move the tournament on February 2020, but the venue has not yet changed. New Dates of the World Cup of Nations-February 24-28.

We are disappointed by changing the date of the Cup but to do so oblige the circumstances. We must support the request of the Peruvian authorities and look forward to the fantastic final in February,
-said the President of the International Federation of Match Poker Patrick Nalley.

We will remind, the national team of Ukraine triumphantly began its performances in championships from the match-poker. In April 2019, our team brought the main prize from the World Cup of Nations in Dublin, and in September took third place at the European Cup, which was accepted by Kyiv.

Now our team will have more time to prepare for the World Forum, where Ukrainians will protect their honorary title of champions.