American poker was able to play his million euros in a month

This is, we will remind, the debut match of the so -called Galfond Challenge – a loud event in poison. At the end of last year, Phil Galfund challenged all Hirolers. The point is to play against him duel of the tet-a-tete. Who in the results of 25,000 hands remains in plus, receives a solid financial reward. On different conditions, the couple took offline Kates, Schwartz and Perkins and online players "Action Freak" and "Venividi1993".

Exactly "Veni" became a debut participant of Challenge. Duel he started just fabulously. Quite quickly fled to a break by nearly a million euros! It was a punch for Phil, he took a pause and for some time thought or not to complete the duel. Eventually the American decided to continue the fight and did not miss. Galfund took twenty sessions to not just catch up with the opponent, but even go forward for 81,000 euros.

Rivals are left to play a little less than three thousand distributors. The nearest stage of confrontation should take place today.

Note that Phil and "Veni" competing on the Galfon Game Platform. Therefore not surprisingly such a sharp "Cambek" American has caused suspicion among fans and experts. The network is already spreading calls for a duel "moved" to another, independent of the platform galfund.