The British millionaire made a couple of seven sports

Patrick will compete with his friend Steve. This is a former professional football player. And yet it has a significant advantage in growth over Leonard. And a poterist still believes in his final success.

The essence of the couple is to win more disciplines. That is, the one who triumphs at least in four types will receive the main financial prize. Which one, however, is not disclosed. For victory in each individual type of competition there will also be a financial reward.

The guys will compete in the following types:

  • Chess (who first wins 5 parties)
  • Tennis (who first wins 2 nets)
  • Football penalties (who will take 20 beats first)
  • Badminton (who first wins 2 nets)
  • Golf (who will score more points on 18 holes)
  • Table tennis (who first wins 2 nets)
  • Bowles (participants do not yet know what exactly the rules are there)

In addition to steam with Steve himself, Leonard was still fighting with his subscribers who did not believe in the triumph. Patrick accepted several rates (up to one hundred thousand dollars total).

Note that Leonard is a rather famous poker player. Total in living tournaments he won more than $ 2.5 million in prize.