Dealer nearly became a complicit of crime in a world series of poker

Qualified staff lack is one of the main problems of this year’s WSOP. The most prestigious poker series has not failed several hundred dealers needed for the scale of such an event. And most experts who are playing at tables are far from professional ideals.

In one of the WSOP tournaments, the dealer squeezed the rules and was not against the transfer of chips between players. One of the pokerists at the table was able to prevent fraud.

On the honest side of the scandalous situation was Josh Heinzl, who, despite the consent of the dealer, was categorically opposed that one of the players commanded his stack to another. What was guided by the capitulant remains a mystery.

The heir of the chips, after all, suggested a compromise – to divide the stack between the three players who remained at the table. However, such a schedule of Heinzl was not to the liking, and Josh called one of the representatives of the Judicial Corps. As a result, the chips of a generous athlete were confiscated.

Josh Heinzl / Photo: Pokeroff

The scandalous incident is obviously worth the prestigious work of dealer democratic. And it is not only an event status but also in good earnings. On this year’s WSOP dealers pay $ 15 per hour. Whereas, at the previous championship in 2019, employees received only 9 bucks in 60 minutes of work.