From football to poker: former Tampa-Bay star Carnell Wilms won the poker tournament

Early "Tampi-bey" Carnell "Cadillak" Williams lit up at the poker festival in Florida. Star football player, and now the trainer at the University of Oberns is confidently versed with rivals at the poker table.

Carnell Williams made a career in the National Football League in the composition "Bakkanars Tampi-Bay". In 2005 debut season he was recognized as the best novice in attack. 23-year-old Williams was chosen in the top 5 draft, after which he scored in the first season 1 178 yard. Unfortunately by the end of his 7-year-old career a thousand yards carnell no longer "punched" because of injuries.

Williams now work as a trainer at the University of Overns, and in his spare time plays in poker. The former NFL star was noticed in Florida, where Carnell seems to be an experienced professional with rivals at the poker table. At first he won the day off at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, earning record in his modest poker career $ 16,915.

Carnell Williams / Photo PokerNews

Williams won another tournament in a few days. By paying bay-in $ 400, Carnell put himself in his pocket $ 10,430. 185 players participated in the tournament.

By the way, not only Carnell among the professional players of the NFL is trying forces in the poker. Member of the Hall of Glory of Professional Football Richard Seymour Has $ 645 212 prizes, also at the tables you can often find a supercupa champion Evan Metisa and star "Baltic crows" Kale Campbell.