Poker for those who like to be late: the advantages and disadvantages of late registration

Modern poker, first of all about online, is able to satisfy any whims of players. The large number of repeated entrances to the tournament and lasting late registration – one of the main trends of modern game.

Tournaments with re-entry: to whom it is profitable

Competition with multi-wing to taste, first of all, players with deep bankroll. Thanks to multiple option "recharge", Such pokerists play aggressively and create a significant advantage over rivals with small financial capabilities. And this for a large part of the playing field is a big problem.

However, if you understand, tournaments with many re-entra, at the same time, offer a long period of late registration. And it is she who dictates her conditions in the distribution of forces at poker tables. Today, some poker Rums make it possible to fight in MTT for the 3rd, 4th, even 10 o’clock in the game (it is about several days tournaments). Many experienced players squeeze the maximum benefits from this regulation.

Late Registration as a tool for a profute

Belgian regular, as well as tournament director Kenny Hallaert examined this topic in detail and reached the next conclusion. A player who entered the fight in the tournament quite late, de facto received a proportion from the prize fund. It is not about instant payment, but about the ratio of his chances of getting into "money" with the time spent and the size of the playing field at the time of registration.

Kenny Hallaert. Photo: Poker Central

Based on mathematical calculations and ICM (independent modeling "Leita Rag" is approximately 10% more expensive than chips received by players at the very start of the tournament. The latter, of course, will significantly outweigh "late" stack -size opponents. Instead, the first will have to go the much shorter way to get "into money".

Of course, such a strategy will infrequently promote deep passage in ITM, however, with competent application can bring stable earnings in distance. Obviously, critics of this approach to the game are not missing. And it’s not just about the financial component. "Leat regions" Having received short stacks on your disposal, "They kill" variability of the game process, because only Push/fold is forced to play.