The pokerists earned kilograms of silver at the Chicago Tournament

One of these laws faced poresters who decided to take part in the Midway Poker Tour tournament that took place in Chicago. Entrance there cost $ 1,100 and the competition gathered 226 entrances, which is quite a lot, interfering with the pandemic. 31 of them got into prizes and here they faced with a surprise.

By the law of Illinois, the poker tournament winners can only receive cash for $ 500 more than bay-in in cash, that is, in this particular case $ 1600. Considering that even the minimum payment in this tournament was $ 2300, the organizers had to invent something. So they decided to cover the difference… silver. The pokerists received coins and ingots from this precious metal.

Due to the fact that the competition managers forgot to warn most participants about this nuance, they had to face serious criticism from players. Moreover, it turned out that the organizers bought silver at a price higher than market. Respectively, selling it, pokerists received less money than the amount promised by them.

To the honor of the organizers, they promised to compensate for the difference to all players who will show a receipt for the sale of silver and assure that they did not earn a penny in this tournament themselves.