Sent the opponent to knockout – get money instantly: PKO tournaments

Bay-in PKO tournaments (Progressive Knockout Tournaments) is distributed between the main guarantee and the prize fund for knocking out players. Typically, these two contributions are equivalent. For example, if participation in the tournament costs 200 UAH, 90 of them – a lapt in the main prize fund, another 90 – Bunty (Bounty – English. reward), and UAH 20 is the poker Rum commission.

Every player starts with the same bounty that can be increased by actively knocking out opponents. In other words, having won all the chips in an opponent with an initial reward of 90 hryvnias, you instantly receive half and the price for "your head" grows on the remaining 45 hryvnias – up to 135. If later and you failed, the rival-driver becomes richer by 67.5 UAH.

Obviously, the further the player passes, the higher the rewards for broken rivals. And the cherry on the cake is the victory in the tournament, when the champion, except for the final valuable knockout and the first prize, receives a pleasant bonus. Since none of the rivals succeeded you "to hide", You have your full -size bounty. Sometimes it happens that the total prize for knocking players even exceeds the amount provided for the first place.

PKO tournaments require a special strategy. They have to play aggressively, with a wide range of hands, and sometimes go to an unjustified risk. The same is worth waiting for rivals. At the same time, it will not hurt to turn on a cold head based on simple calculations. If the risk is justified based on the ratio.