The magical poker hand of the two -time world champion

Live Legend of poker Doyle Branson entered the history of the game not only as one of the founders of the world series and the owner of 10 WSOP bracelets. "Texas dolly" made the famous starting poker hand, which is usually sent by players immediately to the pass.

In Texas Holdm of 10-2 there is nothing to catch on flop. This starting hand is one of the weakest in the most popular variety of poker. But Doyle Branson has always treated 10-2 with special respect for many years.

That’s what "garbage" In 1976, Branson for the first time in his career conquered the main event of the world series of poker. In the hedz-opa before 10-2 did not stand a-j Jesse alto. A year later, the current WSOP Main Event protected and survived the real daz. In the decisive distribution of the hedz-up the title of two-time world champion Doyle Branson was brought again 10-2.

Doyle Branson on WSOP 1977. Photo: PokerCerentral

The magic of your favorite hand has repeatedly reminded itself of legend and became a real business card Doyle Branson. Charging the ninth dozen, representative "The hall of glory poker" He completed his long -standing career. However, his last name continues to be heard at oval tables. Starting 10-2 and called "Branson", or "Branson Doyle’s hand".