Coronavirus continues attack on sports: fell ill with the first famous poterist

Many star players, basketball players and representatives of other sports were sick. Now the ailment got to poker.

Sandes became the first known regulator to confirm its positive test on COVID-19. David reassured his adherents by saying that he was feeling well. He is 35 years old and he is not in the area of ​​the greatest risk. Actually, this is probably why the American does not panic at all.

David told in detail how he had a suspicion that he was sick. A few days poker played fatigue and severe headache. When the cough was added to that, Sands decided to check. The American noted that he has a relatively good state of health because the player leads a healthy lifestyle: he does not smoke and actively engaged in sports.

David does not know exactly how the crownavirus picked up. Convinces that was careful, often washing hands. Now Sands on self -isolation. Until he is recovered.

Friendly poker community supported the American. In particular, this made such whales as Galfon, Helmut and Sideel.

Note that David Sandes has earned $ 8.5 million in living tournaments for his poker career.