Washed chips in toilet stolen tips in dealer: funny stories of poker fraud

Peculiarity of poker is that it is available to almost everyone. But the practice, the ability to use the acquired knowledge and desire to study and work on your game become decisive. Searching for easy money in king is usually no good. On the contrary, because of their greed, people lost their reputation, money and even freedom.

Greed-out cheaters-programmers

In 2000, one of Highland Poker Club appeared. It was actively promoted by the famous Doyle Branson. Somehow his companion Chip Reese decided to play on this site. He was one of the best players of the time.

Chip Ri / Photo PokerNews

By playing a couple of gap into a limit holdm, the me did not understand what was happening. His opponent always threw his hand when he had a strong combination and, on the contrary, maintained a bet when rhu was bluff. It seemed to him that the opponent knew his cards. It turned out that it was.

Thing in the fact that fraudsters broke the Highland Poker’s software and therefore were able to see opponent’s cards. But instead of gradually a day to get rich, they decided to clean the cutter just one evening. The fraudsters were exposed in just a few hours, their accounts were forgiven, and the funds were confiscated. In the future, this problem was eliminated on the site.

Washed off the chips into the toilet – hit the lattice

In 2014, Borgata Casino took a large -scale tournament with a guaranteed prize fund of $ 2,000,000. The event caused a hype – nearly 5,000 participants. The huge chiplider on the second day was Christian Lusardi. And the organizers were surprised when the chips of all participants were calculated before the competitive day began. Them turned out to be much more than should.

Christian Lusardi / Photo PokerNews

Lusardi realized that his schore was opened. He decided to hide the evidence by washing off extra chips into the toilet. However, they stuck in Harrahs Casino water supply. The grief-player was detained directly at the crime scene. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Lost the dream work for $ 700

Jay Newam was a famous photographer and a poker reporter. In 2014 he worked in a series in Foxwoods, where he stole $ 700 that left the dealer as a tip. The guy was tracked by CCTV cameras. He was charged with theft. However, the case was closed because Newam used a pre -trial rehabilitation program for persons who first committed a crime. After the incident, he permanently disappeared from the poker industry.